Hi. I’m a regular guy that has been surrounded by some amazing people.

  • My purpose in life is to journey with people through their vistas and valleys
  • I also like to equip people and see people succeed in their walk with God
  • I’m a MBTI INFJ and Enneagram 6w5
  • I love individuals and I’m interested in virtually everyone but I would like to be a brain in a vat at times
  • I hiked behind my wife for over a thousand miles
  • We’ve been in over 35 newspapers, magazines, and television interviews, including The Atlanta Journal and Outreach Magazine
  • We wrote a light-hearted devotional: Seekers Guide to the Spiritual Wilderness
  • My wife and I have three creative and smart children
  • I have degrees from University of Georgia and Texas A&M
  • Nobel Prize nominee, Henry Fritz Schafer, was one of my first Sunday school teachers
  • Bible Answer Man, Robert M. Bowman, Jr, was my theological mentor
  • William Lane Craig was my philosophical mentor
  • John Warwick Montgomery once found a paper I wrote, read it, liked it, called me, and asked to publish it: The Anthropic Conditions of the Mormon God’s Planet
  •  My unfulfilled dream is to train thousands of lay persons